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Merrill Floats

Foldable & Insertable Float with Balanced Buoyancy
Since 1964



Air Volume Control System

Features & Benefits

An Air Volume Control System with over forty years of service.  Proven performance by independent testing laboratory.  Only Merrill Manufacturing™ has a foldable float with balanced buoyancy and can be inserted into a pressure tank through the pipe connection hole.

A Merrill-Float is a berrier to absorption of air by water under pressure.  Merrill-Float assures a smooth working water system by separating the volume of air from the water within the pressure tank.  Merrill-Float is made of a durable plastic approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration, for the interior of containers carrying liquids for human consumption.  Only Merrill-Float will stay level on top of water to separate air from water in tank.

1) Simple Economical Way to Minimize Water-Logging of Pressure Tanks.

Benefit - Most economical long life air volume control for tanks.

2) Plastic Flotation Ring forms a seal between water and air inside pressure tanks.  The air-water seal is assured by Merrill Manufacutring™ exclusive "Wiper Blade."

Benefit - Effective water/air volume separation in the tank.

Wiper Blade Diagram

3) Eliminates Other Air Volume Controls or the need for air-charge, bleeder valves or air-release valves and headaches caused by corrosion of these parts.

Benefit - Merrill-Float will not corrode and is not effected by chlorine.

4) Float's Balanced Buoyancy is assured by a sealed, crush-proof flotation ring within the float, even if the tank drains.  Merrill-Float resumes its floating position when water returns.

Benefit - Balanced buoyancy insures float will maintain flat horizontal position on top of water.

5) Merrill-Float is Built for Permanent Service, yet this water-log barrier can be inserted into place in minutes.  The 12" through 20" sizes are flexible enough for insertion through a 1-1/4" tank opening.  The 24" size will require a 1-1/2" opening.  The 30" and 36" size require a 2" tank opening.  Merrill-Float recovers its stable circular shape and assumes its proper position after insertion in tank.

Benefit - Can be inserted in existing or new tanks.



Merrill-Float is available in the following diameter sizes: 12", 16", 20", 24", 30" and 36"


12" Float Cartridge

12" Float Cartridge


12" Float Cartridge..

Weight: 0.63 lb

Dimension: 14.50 (L) x 14.25 (W) x 0.90 (H) in


12" Float Cartridge Bulk

12" Float Cartridge Bulk


12" Float Cartridge Bulk..

Weight: 0.20 lb

Dimension: 11.50 (L) x 11.50 (W) x 0.61 (H) in


16" Float Cartridge

16" Float Cartridge


16" Float Cartridge..

Weight: 0.89 lb

Dimension: 16.38 (L) x 16.20 (W) x 0.75 (H) in


16" Float Cartridge Bulk

16" Float Cartridge Bulk


16" Float Cartridge Bulk..

Weight: 0.32 lb

Dimension: 15.50 (L) x 15.50 (W) x 0.61 (H) in


20" Float Cartridge

20" Float Cartridge


20" Float Cartridge..

Weight: 1.34 lb

Dimension: 20.30 (L) x 20.30 (W) x 0.90 (H) in


20" Float Cartridge Bulk

20" Float Cartridge Bulk


20" Float Cartridge Bulk..

Weight: 0.46 lb

Dimension: 19.50 (L) x 19.50 (W) x 0.61 (H) in


24" Float Cartridge

24" Float Cartridge


24" Float Cartridge..

Weight: 1.75 lb

Dimension: 24.25 (L) x 24.25 (W) x 0.75 (H) in


24" Float Cartridge Bulk

24" Float Cartridge Bulk


24" Float Cartridge Bulk..

Weight: 0.62 lb

Dimension: 23.50 (L) x 23.50 (W) x 0.61 (H) in


30" Float Cartridge

30" Float Cartridge


30" Float Cartridge..

Weight: 4.26 lb

Dimension: 42.00 (L) x 41.50 (W) x 1.20 (H) in


30" Float Cartridge Bulk

30" Float Cartridge Bulk


30" Float Cartridge Bulk..

Weight: 1.16 lb

Dimension: 29.50 (L) x 29.50 (W) x 0.95 (H) in


36" Float Cartridge

36" Float Cartridge


36" Float Cartridge..

Weight: 4.63 lb

Dimension: 42.00 (L) x 41.50 (W) x 1.20 (H) in


36" Float Cartridge Bulk

36" Float Cartridge Bulk


36" Float Cartridge Bulk..

Weight: 1.53 lb

Dimension: 34.50 (L) x 34.50 (W) x 0.95 (H) in


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